Hi CLP 2020!

On this page, you will find everything you need for your projects and CLP sessions.

Session Agendas:

Day 1

Day 2


Day 2:

Write personal reflections on the following in Charter Notebooks:

  • How did the privilege exercise make me feel? Did I discover privileges I didn’t even realize (e.g., straight/able-bodied/heterosexual/white privilege, or being ‘white-‘, ‘cisgender- etc.)? How are other people’s personal struggles similar/different to my own? What behaviours might I change as a result of this activity?
  • Review the D&I Charter Resources (ie Backgrounder & Implementation Guidelines + Practice Briefs)
  • Come up with suggestion(s) on holding charter endorsers accountable to the commitments
  • Which Charter commitment resonates with you the most in your personal lives

& Please also try and join a local action for International Women’s Day, next Sunday 8 March! (You could connect with Ambassadors in your area, go as a Project Team, or if there are any barriers to participating in marches, discussions, panels, flash mobs, demonstrations, or other events)