CLP Session 2 – Continuing the Conversation

LEADERSHIP HUB CONNECTION Recommend an article, video or podcast on creating equitable and inclusive communities and/or workplaces Continue our discussion about neighbourhoods in Peel.  How can we connect different neighbourhoods and communities? Continue developing your community project ideas – How has this session’s discussion helped you develop your ideas for a community project? TAKE ACTION! […]

Building DEI in Leadership: Module 2 homework

Guidelines:   In module 2, we explored various DEI action plans from a cross-section of the sectors in which many of you work, including health and social services, arts, culture and recreation, and education. We also explored action plans from various levels of government and an international example.   We closed the face-to-face session with […]

Building DEI in Leadership: Module 1 homework

Rationale: Given the limited face-to-face ‘classroom’ instruction available for each module, and the length of time between modules, there is rich opportunity to maintain and build engagement among participant organizational leaders and create a nascent community of DEI champions. Ideally, the participants should be organized into groups of 4 or 5 in which they would […]