Bio: Moushumi Chakrabarty wears many hats as an author, communicator, tutor, and emerging artist. She is proud to be on the Board of RDR, and looks forward to a valuable partnership.


Finishing a graduate degree in Gender Studies & Feminist Research gave me the strong theoretical basis to develop a more informed and inclusive world view. But it is the praxis that attracted me, and I was on the lookout to join an organization which would embody the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in a community setting.

Somewhere the gods began smiling, and I found myself on the Board of Directors for RDR.

At the orientation meeting itself, I realized how the values of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity were interwoven within the fabric of the organization itself. As a new member, I met the other new Board members, and the helming Varsha. The specific talents and enthusiasm of the other members became clear at our first Board meeting last month. What struck me most was the sense of camaraderie that prevailed, the thrashing out of the meeting agenda, and the detailing of work-to-be-done. But of course, the pizza helped!

Now, more than ever, it is time to join hands with organizations like RDR. Our world, whether we want to look through a regional lens or a broader one, has to give enough traction to DEI values to avoid the ugly splintering of communities. We can forget about keeping communities bonded through extrinsic similarities like religion, race etc. A common ethos, a way of looking at the world before us with a more humane, feminist sensibility will be essential if we are to survive. RDR does just that with its programs and services, fulfilling the role of training thought-leaders, initiating research and policy directives. Institutionalizing these core values in the community is a crucial part of the RDR mandate.

Moving forward, we hope RDR can increase its profile in the community, providing its valuable expertise in capacity building. As a new Board member, I hope to contribute, and grow in the process.

Moushumi Chakrabarty