Recently a flyer was distributed around Brampton that targeted the Sikh community.

The Following is Regional Diversity Roundtable’s Call to Action on behalf of RDR’s Chair, Board and Members
Building an Inclusive and Equitable Peel: RDR’s call to action

May 23, 2014

The Regional Diversity Roundtable of Peel has worked collaboratively to institutionalize equity,
promote respect and inclusion of all diverse groups in the region over the past decade. Though
the community building efforts of the not-for-profit and public sector members of the RDR have
impacted positive change; incidences of intolerance, racism and discrimination continue to arise
in the community; reminding us all that conscious work needs to happen to counter such
activities. The Brampton flyers from Immigration Watch Canada, is the latest episode that
requires our collective action and response in maintaining the harmony and health of our diverse

RDR strongly denounces the position taken and conveyed by IWC in targeting the Sikh
community in the City of Brampton. We ask all residents of Peel and the rest of Canada to
challenge this issue of identity politics. It is unacceptable and will not be condoned. In Peel, we
value the contributions of all our groups. The Sikh community in Brampton, is thriving and
giving as the rest of the groups that call it home. For the Board and members of the Regional
Diversity Roundtable, it was disheartening to see that IWC did not embrace diversity and
inclusiveness, the values that sit at the heart of Canada’s social and moral fabric.

RDR promotes positive civic engagement, which leads to unpacking individual, organizational
and systemic biases and stereotypes while moving all involved towards inclusion, growth and
change. The RDR is committed to continuous learning and growth and will create spaces to

RDR believes that education is the greatest equalizer and we remain committed to offering
learning opportunities to increase awareness of diversity and equity issues. We call on the
residents to be engaged in the learning and community building efforts and to combat racism
wherever encountered.

RDR will continue to build inclusion, acceptance of diversity and achievement of equity by
ensuring the region and members stay the course.

Varsha Naik
Chair, Regional Diversity Roundtable
Board, RDR
Members, RDR