Membership is a key component of RDR’s mandate in institutionalizing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in Peel region. The RDR model grew from organizational representatives coming together to work on issues of DEI. Today, 47 organizations across the human services sector (not-for-profit, social services, public) in Peel region sit at the roundtable, spanning small grassroots initiatives, mid-size social service agencies, and key institutions. RDR members guide our strategic direction, strongly support and engage in our activities and initiatives, and collectively commit to creating an inclusive Peel community.

Our member meeting is: Wednesday, April 8th 2020 at 9:30am via ZOOM. All members should have received an invitation. 



Various RDR forums provide space for organizations to share their DEI journey and learn from each other, build connections and collaborations, and seek advice and support to address challenges they may face in their organizations.

Professional Development

During monthly member meetings, organizations participate in professional development workshops on current diversity, equity, and inclusion issues impacting their work.

Access to Resources:

Members have priority access to RDR initiatives, consulting services, and resources at discounted rates and/or free of charge.

Commit to DEI

By joining RDR, organizations commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion values.

Common Language

Organizations build a common language and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion to collectively build an inclusive Peel.


$ 25
(for organizations with operating budget of $150,000.00 or less)
$ 50
(for organizations with operating budget of more than $150,000.00)


To become an RDR member, the organization must be a registered charity and/or a non-profit that offers programs and/or services in Peel region. Also, the senior organizational leader must commit to working towards institutionalizing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization and designate a staff member to serve as a representative at the roundtable.

Read the Membership FAQ, complete the application and return it to RDR for approval. For more information please connect with us.

  • Members must be from the not-for-profit human service sector or the public sector. Members must be committed to the vision, values and mission of the RDR.
  • Each member organization is entitled to nominate a maximum of two members, which includes one vote and one membership fee with the member organization defining the voting member.
  • Members must deliver programs and services in the Region of Peel or be geographically located in the Region of Peel. The Region of Peel is defined as Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.
  • Members must strive to build a community of trust that maintains the values of inclusiveness.
  • Interest in joining the RDR speaks to a commitment to diversity and equity. Members are encouraged to participate on working groups and/or ad hoc committees. Membership to these groups and committees is subject to their terms of reference.


RDR members provide direction on the RDR deliverables and make decisions on behalf of the RDR. Members may also form part of a subcommittee or working group. Members are committed to the vision, values and mission of the RDR.

  • Members are expected to maintain an atmosphere of respectful discussion and professionalism.
  • Members are accountable to the values and vision of the RDR in addition to their organizations/institutions.
  • Members are expected to contribute their expertise and individual experiences actively to further the goals of the RDR.
  • Members are responsible for bringing forward issues and information regarding access and diversity to the RDR.
  • Members are expected to respect the confidentiality of all matters brought to the RDR.
  • Members shall declare any situation that is or has the potential to be a conflict of interest, specifically where there is a potential to receive a direct or indirect personal and/or organizational gain, benefit, advantage or privilege as a result of an action by the RDR.


  • One vote per member organization
  • Attends monthly meetings of the RDR
  • Hosts at least one (1) meeting per cycle if possible and provides refreshments
  • Shares RDR information with the other networks in the sector and/or community at large
  • Shares resources with the RDR
  • Participates in a committee and/or working group as necessary
  • Commits to supporting the development of the RDR and participates in the Online Community of Practice
  • Supports RDR events and initiatives
  • Must complete the RDR Annual Membership requirement and have the approval of the organizational leader
  • Members are expected to attend meetings regularly and fully participate in good faith
  • Regular attendance is defined as attending a minimum of 7 meetings annually. Members honouring this expectation ensure the strength of the network.


Membership to the Regional Diversity Roundtable is granted by current RDR members during a monthly roundtable meeting. The Coordinator is responsible for explaining the rights and responsibilities of membership, as well as the membership procedures to any interested parties.

Once an organization expresses interest in membership, the following procedures are to be followed:

  1. Interest is indicated by contacting the RDR staff
  2. Potential member submits the Annual Membership Application form to the RDR staff
  3. RDR staff presents the completed form to the Board of Directors and RDR membership
  4. Board of Directors approves the application
  5. RDR staff communicates with applicant when membership is granted and asks the organization to send a cheque to pay for membership fees

If you have queries about membership and the membership process please contact the RDR Coordinator at: