Journal of Promising Practices on Diversity and Equity
Diversity in Action Manual
Diversity Works! Creating Inclusive and Equitable Organization (DVD).

Diversity Works! Creating Inclusive and Equitable Organizations (DVD)

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This is an informative educational video resource that educates non-profit and public sector human service professionals and volunteers on topics of diversity and equity in the workplace.

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Four 5-minute vignettes examine the following four critical topics:

  • Organizational Commitment to Diversity
  • Human Resources
  • Accommodations in the Workplace
  • Equitable Partnerships

The vignettes explore plausible everyday situations that an organization may face and offer strategies that demonstrate how change can be implemented. Each vignette includes discussion questions and a resource guide.

View the accommodations vignette:


The video is an ideal tool to use at a staff meeting or at an orientation session to introduce concepts of diversity and equity within your organization.

To date more than 90 copies have been delivered to over 70 organizations in Peel, Halton and the rest of the GTA.

To request a copy of the Regional Diversity Roundtable’s “Diversity Works!” training tool, please contact the RDR Coordinator, Marisa Fortune at 905-874-2112 or complete the order form below.

RDR Diversity In Action Training Manual (DIAT)

A Workshop and Manual for Diversity Practitioners

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Based on workshops organized by The Regional Diversity Roundtable, this Train-the- Trainer resource is an excellent primer for anyone interested in learning how to create lasting change within their organization.

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The Diversity-in-Action Training, facilitated by Maureen J. Brown of Diversity Trainers Plus,in April 2008 was an opportunity for human service sector employees in Peel to deepen their diversity knowledge and skills and to enhance diversity and equity initiatives in their agencies. On day one, participants learned about the foundational tools that are necessary to create a successful Diversity and Equity program. On the second day, participants were invited to practice the skills they learned in two areas: Building Equitable Partnerships, and Managing Change. Each participant received a copy of Diversity in Action… Building Blocks of a Successful Diversity and Equity Program and this manual is now availible to the public.

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RDR Journal

Journal of Promising Practices on Diversity & Equity (Compiled Edition)

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Steps to Organizational Equity: Diversity and equity Curriculum for Human Services and Public Sector Professionals