RDR’s member organizations span the human services sector (non-profit, public, social services) providing services and programs in Peel region. They range from small startups, mid-size service delivery agencies, and large-scale institutions. Collectively, we endeavour to develop a common language and understanding while coordinating our efforts to create an inclusive Peel region.


The DEI Champion awards are awarded annually to organizations that are implementing innovative actions to further diversity, equity, and inclusion and tracking the impact of the changes. Nominees can be individuals, teams, departments, or organizations from RDR member organizations at the time of call for nominations. Nomination can come from anyone in the Peel community.

There are three awards for which any individual, team, department or organization from RDR members can be nominated:


Consistently championing and measuring DEI in organizations and the Peel community


Some evidence of championing and measuring impact of DEI within their organization


Evidence of championing DEI as a core component in one or more of the following areas: organizations, human services sector, Peel community


Stay tuned as we announce our winners in the fall of 2017.


How Are You Eligible?

1) Nominees can be individuals, teams, departments, or organizations from organizations that are RDR members at the time of call for nominations. Individuals, teams, and departments can be nominated by their own organization, but an organization must be nominated by a 3rd party in Peel.

2) Nominees must have at least two years of service in DEI

3) Activities and achievements of all potential nominees must align with RDR’s mission and values. (For more information on our vision, mission, and mandate please visit our website.)

4) Nominations are only valid for the year in which they are submitted and must be based on an achievement within the previous year: June 2016 – June 2017

5) Recipients of this award may not receive the same award the following year

How Will Awardees Be Selected?

The RDR DEI Recognition Selection Committee reviews all submissions for completeness, eligibility, and final selection. The committee consists of RDR board members and Peel community members. All nominees will be informed of their eligibility by July 15, 2017. Award recipients will receive a plaque and be recognized at an awards ceremony. RDR reserves the right to not give out an award in any of the categories for a particular year if the submitted nominations do not meet the eligibility criteria and/or are not suitable.

Who Can Nominate?
  • RDR Members
  • Community Members in Peel
  • Organizations in Peel
How Do You Nominate?


1) Nomination Form

2) Statement of Achievement:

– Provide a brief description of what the individual, team, department, or organization did.

– What were the outcome and impact?

– How does it demonstrate championing DEI?

– How does the nominee meet the criteria for this award?

3) Evidence of Achievement:

– Support Letter from an additional source

– Any other 2 pieces of evidence


Nomination Deadline

January 31st, 2019

Recipient notified by:

May 15th, 2019